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Smith & Dragoman: Reviews

Under the Lote-Tree Reviews

...made me cry

I didn't think your previous CD could be topped but here it is. 'Under the Lote Tree' is incredible and I cry every time I listen to it. It is just so beautiful.
Friedlinde Moshref - CD Baby (Feb 22, 2007)
Brilliant & Inspiring - AGAIN!

Beautiful arrangements; wonderful blend of many sounds and traditions; stirring lyrics; something for soul, heart and mind. I play it on the way to work to inspire my day; I play it for friends - it's my gift to them. Thank you, once again, all of you who collaborated on this album!
Gail Madjzoub - CD Baby (2007)
Connects with one's soul!

This soul-stirring CD connects to the feelings of our Faith, some of the heroic figures and what they may have been going through. It brings to life the statement: We are the spiritual descendants of the Dawn Breakers.
Dr. Adrienne F. - CD Baby (2007)
Absolutely unbelievably beautiful. Joy to those who hear.

I knew from the first chord that this was my kind of music.
Sue Frenzel - CD Baby (2007)

Very nice. Thank you for this beautiful masterpiece.
MB - CD Baby (2007)