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Smith & Dragoman: Reviews

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Open the Gates Reviews

This double C.D. will stay in your rotation for a very long time. These two musicians along with their high caliber accompaniment have created a genuine uplifting and thought provoking experience through their music. If you appreciate amazing harmonies and lyrically driven songs you will love “Voices in the Flame”, “Rumi’s Song”, “Divine Tapestry” and “Unveiling”. These guys have a unique and soothing sound that acts like a ladder to the soul.
Benjamin Kelly
Great music with poignant themes. This double album captured my attention on first hearing it. This is because the music is beautifully written and executed. What keeps me coming back is the series of themes that capture my heart. When the meaning of the lyrics sinks in, the stories evoke deep emotions from the spiritual dimension of human nature, the universal dimension. This album plays on all levels, musical, emotional and spiritual. Great! This is a group to watch!
Louis Brunet
I heard your CD yesterday and I must say I'm impressed. I'll be waiting for you in Montreal.
Olinga Walker
I loved the sound of this CD from the very first listen and it just grew on me from there. It reminded me a lot of early Peter Gabriel with its brilliant and unique instrumentals and haunting melodies. The instrumental really compliments the lyrics in its ability to enhance the story. We love to play this CD for dinner parties. You'll listen to it often.
Michael Watt
We are just amazed by this music.. It is very awesome.. We listen to it all the time while driving or at home… Best of luck to you guys..
Great lyrics, haunting melodies.
Puneh & Raf
Innovative and touching
I initially heard the music live in Cambridge Mass. and I was mesmerized. After purchasing the CD "Open the Gates", I've been nothing but listening to track after track. I also attended the most recent concert in Ottawa, and the only thing I can say is that I am counting the days until the new Album!
Charlie Changizi
What a Debut!!!
Open the Gates is one of the most moving CD's I've ever listened to. The music of Smith and Dragoman strikes a chord within and awakens the soul. The music will transport listeners to another time and place and the lyrics will bring the highly emotional stories alive. I'm eagerly looking forward to the release of their follow up CD.
Jaren Belrose
These guys are Seals & Crofts on skis (i.e.-Music from the Great White North...we have a lot of snow up here!) only better! Top shelf guys....Keep up the good work!
This is an incredible CD that would appeal to anyone. All the songs are beautifully created with interesting lyrics & sounds. It is a moving, uplifting CD - you feel wonderful after listening to it. I highly recommend it!
Kerry Tuttle
Hi! I listened to your CD on your website after meeting Emily Dragoman at Elaine's voice studio. The music is hauntingly beautiful, and I have passed on the website info. to friends. Since then, some have inquired as to where the CD can be purchased. We are in the Toronto, Ontario area. Congratulations, you deserve 5 stars! Sincerely, Catherine Montagano
Catherine Montagano
A true transformation. I must make known that this whole genre of music was outside of my general tastes before reviewing this debut album. After a few spins in my CD player and watching them perform live, I gradually fell in love with their rich, poignant songs, especially: The Letters *****, and Messenger ****, Divine Tapestry ****, and Fort Tabarsi ****.
Inspirational to say the least.
Beautiful! Very moving, soul stirring :)
This CD is a beautiful mix of songs. My husband and I use it ALL the time for our weekly devotions and we always get comments about it. We need more music like this, music that gives 'wings for the spirit, and maketh the soul to tremble for joy.'
What an inspirational CD
This is such a great CD. This type of music should be encouraged by the music industry because of its positive influence and great energy it can give to all who listen.
Touching lyrics, Soul-stirring music, and beautiful vocals. This CD has it all! I love this CD!
Rahmat Costas
What a gift!
Soul-stirring, unearthly beautiful, thrilling, joyful.
This is the Passion of the Return of Christ: Musicians' musicians sing true stories about earth's greatest heroes. Excellent liner notes.
Susan Frenzel
Wow, great job on the CD guys. Can’t wait until you come and play a concert in Vancouver!!! A stunning beginning. Highly anticipating the next one. Hurray!!
Scott Johnson
Beautiful, vibrant and an array of stunning talent. Variety is the spice of life. This CD has so much diversity of world music and voices. Powerfully moving. A very impressive debut!
Robert Orland
Spiritual and Beautiful. This CD is not one of the best cd's that I have listened to, it's the best one that I have ever listened to and I can't compare it with the other ones. Thank you all my dearest friends (dear Michael, Emily, and Brett), we all need more CD's like this and we all support you. Now I can use these beautiful songs in devotional gatherings and Ruhi classes. These melodies and lyrics have become like oxygen for me, I am waiting for your next CD longingly. I love you.
Misagh Abdoli
The more I listen to the music the more I like it. There is a universal touch to it. Fort Tabarsi is my absolute favourite. What would be nice is for Smith and Dragoman to do something with some African Bahá'í singers. I think you would mesh well with some African tunes, especially Conglese. Just a suggestion. Great album and it is 2005 so looking forward to your new album.
Chuungu Malitonga
Amazingly beautiful!
I listen to your CDs every day as I paint. When is your next one? :-)